Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Conjuring of Saurimonde III

What a fabulously strange year it has been so far...

In the beginning of August, both of us instantly knew it was time to start on the next Saurimonde book. Almost the day after we made this decision, a friend of ours offered us her gorgeous, serene house for a couple of weeks and we jumped on the opportunity. 

For the first time since we began the Saurimonde journey we actually sat down together and embarked upon a treatment while in the same room.

During the other two books, Scarlett was living halfway across the world in France while Melissa was in California, and we'd tossed ideas back and forth on Skype. 

To be honest we only had the vaguest idea for an outline of the first book. The same for the second, although the writing went much faster on that one. This time we were prepared and now we are gearing up for the most raucous story yet. 

It was amazing how easy it all came together.  We spent most of the afternoon lounging in the walled front garden tossing back and forth ideas until we got stuck. Then, we'd take a break or resume the next day.

There might have been some wine drinking involved and a lot of, "Are we really going to do something that horrible to the characters? Oh yes, we are...” (Insert girlish cackling here.)

We are astounded the way the Saurimonde world has grown and the ways in which the story is opening up. What started as a vague idea a few years ago in a casual conversation has taken on a life of its own and become its own mythology. 

Like throwing a stone in a pond, we had no idea the way it was going to ripple and take so many weird twists and turns, but it's been an amazing adventure and continues to be so. We cannot wait to get started writing and, if all goes according to plan, we'll have the next book out in the fall.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Brand spanking new!!! SAURIMONDE Etsy store

Well, well, well.... you asked for it and you got it! By popular demand we are offering hand crafted necklaces based on the cover of our notorious SAURIMONDE series. There are only three of these left... so if you are a fan of the books you might want to get one before they are gone. We might make another run of them in the future but they won't be quite the same as these beauties. Blood moons, mythological goddessery, and a little olde world magic... all components from the stories blended together in one unique piece of jewelry.

For more details visit our on-line store here!

xo Melissa & Scarlett