Artist unknown. If anyone knows who the artist is please let us know and we'll  credit them  right away.
“She can barely remember that night when the necromancer from the south had appeared on her doorstep. She remembers how the wind howled and that she hadn’t been sad to see him go. The memory is vague and disjointed as there are parts of her life she’s done her best to forget. What will the consequences of the potion be? She can’t quite recall. If it went well she might kill two birds with one stone and get the two of them out of her hair for a good long while and if it didn’t go well...” Elazki from ‘Saurimonde’.


John Williams Waterhouse - A Naiad. 1905.
“I think we should play a different game today.” There’s a speculative gleam in his eye.
“And what’s that?”
“Have you ever heard of the avernales?” he asks playfully.
“The infernal nymphs of the river who bask on the rocks. Temptresses who…”
“I like this idea already.” She traces a fingernail down his chest, moving over every ripple and only stopping at the top of his laces to linger for a moment.
“Wait. You haven’t heard the rest yet…” - Pan from ‘Saurimonde’.


Pan by Arthur Rackham
“Saurimonde gets her first real look at him and as she does her breath catches in her throat. Oh my goddess, she thinks, did I just conjure you out of the forest itself? He’s so handsome that he can’t be human. Deep sea blue eyes smile back at her, crinkling slightly in the corners. His chestnut hair is sun-bleached in places and perfectly tousled, hanging free just below his shoulders. But it is his smile which really grabs her attention. It’s a wolf’s smile, like he’s just done something terribly naughty and it’s infectious. Naked to the waist, he catches her running her eyes down the contours of his tanned torso and he flashes her that smile again.” - from ‘Saurimonde’.


Artist unknown. If you know who the artist is please let us know and we'll credit them right away.
“When she finds the right spot, she kneels down and pushes him into the estuary with all her strength, watching as his carcass tumbles downwards. It splashes into the water and then settles into its depths.
“Goodbye,” she murmurs, “The river is your lover now.”” - from ‘Saurimonde’.


Jean Delville - The Love of Souls. 1900.
“There’s a danger and a beauty to the moment which seems out of time. It pierces something deep inside of him, bypassing his rationale, and it touches his very core. In a sudden shock of illumination, and of knowing, he recognizes this woman is his destiny, and their fates are intertwined. He doesn’t know what to make of that fact, but it feels right to him.
The moment fades and turns back into normal reality. Sordel realizes their time together is over. Saurimonde seems to know it too as she turns her face to the sun for a minute and then back to him. She gazes at him tenderly and for a second there is no distance between them, the connection is so strong, it’s like two souls touching. Then, like turning off a switch, she breaks the connection and dives back into the water.” - from ‘Saurimonde’.


Artist unknown. If you know who the artist is please let us know and we'll credit them right away.
“Quickening her step, Mariel rushes along the path towards the river. The wide expanse of rocky beach surprises her as it opens suddenly out of the forest. Ignoring everything else, Mariel heads for the water, kneeling down to splash her face. She closes her eyes as she takes a long, cool drink.
When Mariel opens them again, she notices she’s not alone. A figure rests across the river on one of the large, flat gray rocks that lay half on the ground, half over the water along the river’s edge. She gently rubs her eyes, questioning if it isn’t a trick of her imagination or else maybe the heat’s getting to her. Looking again she wonders if this is who the crazy old priest has been ranting about. She doesn’t look like anything demonic. She looks earthy and ethereal, like something out of a painting or a legendary water nymph. Enthralled, Mariel leans forward to get at closer look.” - Mariel from ‘Saurimonde’.


Artist Alfred Kubin.
“Her face is hideously transformed. Her lips pull open wide to reveal rows of sharpened teeth as blood drips down her chin and onto her breasts. It’s more than his mind can handle. For a second he stops breathing and starts to black out, the world going out of focus and spiraling downwards. But his survival instinct kicks in and, before he can witness anymore, he turns with a scream and runs in blind terror through the dense carpet of the forest floor. The branches tear at his clothing and hair as he veers off the path, but he never notices.” - Gilles from ‘Saurimonde’.


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