Welcome to the seductive world of Saurimonde written by Scarlett Amaris and Melissa St. Hilaire...

Saurimonde is a supernatural, psycho-sexual, dark fantasy series based on old world magic and mythology. 


Photo by Jan Piere Texier
Esoteric researcher, screenwriter, and author, Scarlett Amaris has co-written scripts for the seminal horror anthology film The Theatre Bizarre (2011), the award winning documentary The Otherworld (2013), and the upcoming feature film H.P. Lovecraft's The Colour Out of Space. Saurimonde I & II (2013 & 2014) are her first dark fantasy series, and she’s currently finishing Desired Pyrotechnics (2016), her next contemporary fiction novel. She also writes for The Heretic Magazine, The Feminine Power Circle, and has a popular monthly weird news podcast with Melissa St. Hilaire called Between the Sheets. She's also a part of the newly formed Lux in Tenebris Publishing which focuses on obscure folk horror served up with carnal knowledge and otherworldly tales. Official websites: www.scarlettamaris.com  & www.shadowtheatre13.com.

Photo by Nick Holmes
Melissa St. Hilaire wrote film and music reviews for The Heights Inc. Her poetry has appeared in the periodicals Shards, The Outer Fringe, and The Laughing Medusa. She co-authored several scripts for Tone-East Productions. Her debut book, a memoir titled In The Now, was released in 2012. In 2013 she released Saurimonde, a dark fantasy novel, with co-author Scarlett Amaris, as well as a sequel to Saurimonde in 2014. She has written articles for Feminine Power Circle, Savvy Authors, SF Signal, and The Qwillery. She has also appeared in the anthology book, Folk Horror Revival: Field Studies. Her current projects include a follow-up to In the Now called Medicated, a sci-fi epic called Xodus, and a third installment of the Saurimonde series, as well as a weekly weird news podcast with Scarlett Amaris called Between the Sheets. Official website: www.melissa2u.com.