Saturday, May 4, 2013

Introducing Saurimonde... the Painting by Michele - part II

I asked my old friend, and former room mate, Michele Bigler, if she'd be interested in coming up with the cover artwork for 'Saurimonde'. I've always been a fan of her drawing and her ladies are the best. It's hard to draw sexy ladies and Michele always nails it. When we were in art school together I was pea green with envy over her ability to draw anything straight out of her head and it was always amazing: Monsters, vamps, dancing tea kettles, our other friends etc. I don't possess such abilities, although I can paint decently if pushed. Michele and I have a long history which spans back more years than I'll admit to. We used to buy comic books together and ohh and ahh over the artwork of Frank Frazetta, Vallejo, Bruce Pennington, Esteban Maroto and Druillet. 

Frazetta, Pennington and Druillet.
Michele introduced me to bands which I still listen to today. We drank too much and caused mayhem wherever we went while growing up in Chicago and Hollywood. Yes, indeed, we were bad girls and we enjoyed being so to the fullest. 

Scarlett & Michele - the baby goth years...
I knew Michele could realize the vague concept I had in my head. So I told her I wanted something like a young, golden Claudia Cardinale from 'Once Upon a Time in the West', but give her a slightly more fairyish aspect and make her more like one of the ladies from the 'Slaine' comic book that we adored so much as teenagers. I knew she would get me, and she did, perfectly. 

Close up of 'Saurimonde' - uncensored and in the flesh...
Melissa and I both agreed this was the image and then Melissa sent me a mail reminding me of the nudity policy on Amazon. This was not something which I'd considered before as I'd always pictured a naked woman on the cover. So I gritted my teeth and asked Michele if she could 'fix it' to hide the 'offensive' nipple, although I have to admit this frustrates me as I don't believe the female form is ugly in any sort of way, and I refuse to cooperate in a shame based culture, but sometimes you have to play by the rules even if you don't want to. Being naked is fun, but I'll write more about this subject at a later date. Still, I'm over the moon with the results and Melissa has done a heck of a job designing the website and the cover with Michele's art work. I'm really lucky to have such talented people around me. I love creating things. I love making stories and movies, just as I love bringing people together to realize these creative endeavors. It's a collective breath that brings these visions to life, and for me that's one of the most exciting parts of the process.

Kudo's ladies to a job brilliantly done!

Much love from the misty mountains,

S. - xx

Scarlett Amaris- Montsegur, May 4, 2013

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